Thursday, June 15, 2006

Relentless Onwards!

by Mowog

That's a quote from the classic comic strip, "Pogo." And it pretty much describes the situation with Cyan, Uru, and the Myst community. It also means that any Myst blog that isn't updated regularly will become out of date pretty rapidly, since news -- significant news -- is happening all the time.

It's well known now that Uru Live will be launching again later this year, and this is thrilling news for the community. It's also made life at CCN a little more complex, in that the range of topics we cover has suddenly grown, and the importance of timely updates has increased somewhat. This is a challenge, because the CCN staff is a diverse collective that spans the globe. We're finding to our chagrin that communication under such circumstances is a real challenge, so please bear with us as we try to bring you the best and latest in Uru-related news and entertainment.

And then there's Mysterium... for this writer, fan conventions have never appealed. But Mysterium, particularly THIS Mysterium, was more than I could resist. Plans are coming together; several of us from The Cavern Today will be there, and the experience promises to be memorable. Many of us have developed genuine friendships thanks to The Cavern Today, but have never met face-to-face in real life. Although a few of us have posted pictures of ourselves at one time or another, it's going to be a very odd feeling to walk into a room filled with strangers and know them only by their voices! And it will be stranger yet to see people who are accustomed to socializing via Uru avvies bouncing off of each other in a crowded room... "Oops, pardon." "Excuse me."

It's funny how the common things are becoming oddly interesting as we make Mysterium plans. Again, I only know some of our staffers by their voices and avvies... but when I was chatting with SuperGram and discussing arrival times, meeting up at the Spokane airport, sharing a car rental, finding where all the restaurants are, etc., the reality started to sink in. Several of us are actually going to meet, and spend a couple or three days together! What a thought. It's fun to think that we'll be a closer team after this. In future Skype chats we'll actually remember faces, and the good times we had in Spokane. I can't wait...

Oh, we're talking about putting together a "live" reading of Journey of the Called sometime that weekend. That should be fun!

So that's it for now. See you later,



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UL is dead again!!!! NOOOO!!!

I missed it last night.

Check out my blog,!

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