Thursday, April 27, 2006

Life Goes on... and Gets Better!

by Mowog

Apologies for the long delay since the last post! A lot's been going on, both at Cyan and throughout the community.

The big story recently is that five liaisons have at last been elected by the community at the request of the DRC. Even though there were difficulties, the DRC seems very satisfied with the outcome of the elections, and has already held several meetings in-Cavern with liaisons and explorers. Even though the rule of the day is still "cautious optimism," this new era of open communication has been a breath of fresh air. Never before has the DRC made themselves so available, and for that we're thankful.

As for The Cavern Today, in April we bade farewell to our founder and producer Ruby O'Degee. Ruby has moved on to a rather different role as coordinator for The Cavern Players, and it will be a treat to continue working with her in that role. More than anything else, Ruby is a storyteller. The Cavern Players will give us the opportunity to concentrate on that storytelling, even branching away from the Uru theme occasionally. But TCP will continue to be there for The Cavern Today, providing future installments of Journey of the Called and other features. Stevecrox has been selected to take over Ruby's role, assisted by a group of other staffers. Welcome, Steve!

2006 should be a very interesting time for us at CCN. As mentioned, communication with the DRC has resumed, and Cyan is working very hard with a potential sponsor in a serious effort to bring back Uru Live in some form. When that happens, CCN will be there to report the news in whatever way we can. Whether it's news, a look back at Cyan gaming history, music, drama... CCN is committed to bringing our best to the Uru community. Stay tuned!

Shorah all,



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