Thursday, March 09, 2006

If they come... Cyan will build it!

by Mowog

That may be a rather clumsy reference to Field of Dreams, but it's a very apt summary of the current state of Uru. The word has gone out from the DRC; and has been echoed in chats with Cyan insiders; that we're presently in a very critical phase of Uru.

There are two things we need to do:

1. Spend as much time on the new D'mala shard as we can.

2. Do all we can to see that others also make it down to the Cavern and Ages via D'mala.

There's a very good reason for this. Cyan would like, more than anything, to resume development on Uru Live. They've told us that a fully functional Uru Live was their dream, their "baby." They sunk all they had; and more; into development of Uru, intending for Uru Live to be the revolutionary new experience that would insure their future. And as we saw, Live died due to premature cancellation based on a perceived lack of interest.

So now Cyan is trying again. They have potential funding in place, but before they can fully devote their efforts to a new Uru, they need to know if the interest is there. The original cancellation was a rather complicated matter. Many purchasers of Uru never registered for Prologue because they hadn't yet finished the single-player game. Others hesitated because they wanted to wait until Prologue was fully debugged and ready for prime time. The whole affair was somewhat confused, and we may never know exactly what happened.

But it's different this time. We now have a clear opportunity -- an invitation, actually -- to show Cyan how much we want Uru Live. Let's treat the original cancellation as a "lesson learned," and embrace this chance to overwhelm Cyan with our enthusiasm! If you're already on D'mala, invite anyone else you know who's ever played Uru in any form to join the new shard. Publicize Uru, get the word out... and hopefully this will be the start of something amazing.

At this moment, perhaps more so than two years ago, numbers count. Cyan, and their potential backer, need to be assured that Uru is a worthy investment. Let's show them, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Uru Live is worth it.

Hope to see you in the Cavern!



Blogger Toria said...

Thanks for this ! I've mentioned the Cavern blog on my blog as well. Well done and let's keep up the good work. :)

/wave /cheer /dance /clap

8:39 AM  
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