Friday, February 17, 2006

Talking to Rand

Shortly after we started The Cavern Today in August of last year, a few of us were chatting and brainstorming ideas for future podcasts. Somebody brought up the idea of interviewing various personalities from the Myst community, and we came up with a list of prospects, mostly shard admins etc., who had made some sort of impact in the community. And as our conversation wore on, one of the staffers dared to fantasize about someday interviewing someone from Cyan Worlds. In the rosy flush of our optimism, none of us dismissed that idea. It seemed possible somehow, though we had no idea how soon it would actually happen.

If you've been following our podcasts for a while, you'll remember the Ryan Miller interview from Podcast 5, and the GreyDragon feature from Podcast 8, "Cyantists" both. It was as a result of those interviews that we got a message from GreyDragon asking if Rand Miller could make an announcement to the community using our Podcast... probably in late January or early February.

Needless to say, this was huge. To Myst avids, Rand is The Man. He's not only the CEO of Cyan, he's the lead -um- "imaginater?" (Sorry, Disney's already used "Imagineer.") We've seen him in the games as Atrus and the original Achenar. His calm, resonant voice has introduced most of the adventures as we launched them for the first time. For we veterans, he was Cosmic Osmo.

So this past Wednesday afternoon, we opened Skype shortly before the appointed time, chatted with other staffers and waited... until the "phone" rang, and there he was.

We were immediately impressed by the fact that he seemed cheerful and eager to speak with us. Ryan and GreyDragon had stressed in their interviews that Cyan feels a deep appreciation for their fans, and Rand made us feel very comfortable and welcome. This isn't the place to relate what we talked about; I can only recommend that you listen for yourself by downloading the interview from our website at It's worth a listen!

On a related note, the staff of The Cavern Today would like to express our gratitude to our fans! If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be part of this wonderful project!




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