Monday, January 23, 2006

This One's for the Noobs

For those of you who've just tuned in, and are wondering what The Cavern Today is all about, read on. I'll admit the whole thing may seem a bit daft at first, but be patient!

Obviously, it all started with Myst, the ground-breaking computer adventure game that appeared in 1993. That game, and the series that followed, built a tightly-knit community of fans. But with the release of the multi-player Uru in late 2003, the term "community" took on a whole new meaning. For the first time, adventurers could explore together. With its realtime 3D, free motion, and multiplayer online feature, we could finally meet our fellow explorers face-to-face in the Cavern of D'ni, or collectively enjoy the beautiful Ages at our disposal. The Uru forums were alive with new friendships; even with new rivalries, as the multi-layered nature of the story began to develop. Uru promised a truly amazing, and constantly changing, experience. But unexpectedly the plug was pulled, apparently due to financial straits, and the interactive side of Uru -- Uru Live -- was shut down in February of 2004, before it had truly begun. But the story wasn't quite over yet. A few months later, after impassioned appeals from the fans for some kind; ANY kind; of online Uru, Cyan authorized the revival of Uru online. True, this new incarnation, known as Until Uru, was a limited version, running on fan-based servers. But the magic was still there, in sufficient quantity to keep the community alive and well throughout the remainder of 2004 and 2005. It was in August of 2005 that one of the fans, a certain Ruby O'Degee of Florida, posted a message in the Ubisoft Uru forums asking if anyone would be interested in teaming up with her to produce a regular podcast to provide entertainment and information to the Uru community. The ball began rolling very soon afterward, and steadily picked up momentum. As of this writing, we've produced eight podcasts, and are working on our ninth. We've already featured two interviews with Cyan staffers, hopefully with more to follow. Our forum boasts over ninety members, and our production staff currently runs around twenty-five. A subset of that staff has formed The Cavern Players, a troupe of actors and producers who are focusing on the dramatic and comedic segments that are proving quite popular with our listeners.

So stay tuned! 2006 promises to be a very exciting, and unusual, year for The Cavern Today. Join us for the adventure, and to our subscribers and fans: "THANK YOU!!"




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