Thursday, January 26, 2006

For Aquila

(Thanks to The Lysts and the DRC Site for text and picture)

(Katie writes:)

Dear fellow Myst Community members, It is with great sorrow that I share with you the word of Aquila's passing. I, like all of you I'm sure, was shocked at this sudden and unbelieveable news.

Aquila, James, was at home, feeling well all morning when he suddenly became very ill (nauseous). His sister Sharon went out with their mother to an appointment for an hour, and when they returned he had been gone for some time - enough time that he was never able to be revived.

They are waiting to hear from the coroner but the assumption is that it was his heart. I spoke at length with Sharon this morning, and she and her mother are doing as well as can be expected. Sharon, like her brother, is kind and gracious and I wish desperately that we could have "met" under much different circumstances.

There are no service arrangements yet, but I will post details of these when there is more to tell. I have also offered Sharon condolences from everyone in this community. James was brother to us all, the way he gave every day, encouraged, supported, and loved. I offered to share Sharon's email address in order for any Myst fans to send her their sympathies, tributes for him, or a donation via paypal (using her email address). She has agreed to this, and so for those who wish it, you may donate and/or correspond with Sharon via: Sharcarzimm at sbc global dot net.

Sharon has asked me to tell you all that if she does not reply to your messages right away, it is because she has a lot to do and a lot on her mind. I told her that everyone understands this very well and to take her time.

The reason I stressed Paypal with her is that I knew James well enough to be privy to some personal information, including that it was not always easy for his family financially. I would ask that anyone who is able to do so, please send what you can in order to help his mother and his sisters defray the costs and ease their burden at this difficult time. I know, if James were here, he would do the same for all of us. If you wish to learn their home address to send flowers or anything else, please contact me off-Lyst / off-Forum and I will send it to you privately. To those of you who are wondering if this is a hoax, I will say now, I wish to God it were just that. I miss my friend, and will mourn this loss for many years. But this is real, and James' heart, though large enough to hold this entire community within it, wasn't strong enough to sustain him past 44 years of age. James, we will all miss you dear friend and brother. May God keep you in his house for all the days to come. (Katie)




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