Friday, January 20, 2006

Being Official, and how it feels

Ruby O'Degee sure knows how to surprise a person. Today she posted a message in the actors' area of our forum containing a full set of Cavern Actors' Guild cards she had created for all of us who have performed in Cavern bits to date. It sort of blew me away... I had to take my glasses off, rub my eyes, and chuckle for a while. It looked funny at work, but hey.

I proceeded to print my card, and it's now laminated and residing in my wallet. Silly, I know, but I guess it hit me like it did because I never in my life expected that my name (or nickname at least) would ever be associated with acting. You just don't imagine something like that when you've stuttered most of your life. But the funny thing here is that once I power up my microphone, it's like another person talking. It's a controlled situation, a performance; and for whatever reason, I'm fluent while performing. Folks with normal speech can only imagine how liberating that is!

I guess I feel sort of like our departed friend "Pepsi," who could run and explore in Uru while confined to a wheelchair in real life. I've always been very frustrated with my speaking voice, but now, thanks to The Cavern Today, I'm somehow able to not only speak... but to create characters and bring them to life. It's kind of neat to discover a new talent at age 49!

So that card in my wallet is something of a certificate of achievement, stating that I'm doing something with my voice that I can actually enjoy, and enjoy very much. And hopefully, our fans will enjoy it too!

Shorah b'shemtee,



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