Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Octoberfest Covered by the CCN "Message Machine"

The Germans celebrated Octoberfest this past Saturday in the cavern via the German shard. I could only be there for awhile, but it was much fun while I was there. For some reason the ferry dock is well situated for holding larger parties. Lag was a problem, but there were very few crashes or freezes. There is some talk about holding larger events in this area in the future. Below you will find some photos of the fun that was had.

Podcast2 was distributed last Saturday, a few hours late, but once it made it to the feeds, it was donwloaded often. Several hundred copies have been picked up. This time the audio was much better, but there were issues for the staff, including how to best cut the final production. It was decided an original version would be cut and run, and uncut interviews would be run through the message machine. This would give listeners an opportunity to listen to the full cut, if they wanted to hear everything the speaker had to talk about. I have yet to check the statistics today, but as of yesterday several hundred downloads of the uncut interviews were also downloaded.

On a lighter note the bot, Mrs. Millicuddy was hired back and promoted to editorial and technical administrative assistant. She will directly with Mr. Crox to manage the vast amounts of emails he receives concerning the casts. She is thrilled to be back, promises to abide by the few rules posted CCN (no smoking for one), and will do her best to keep all listeners aprised of the changes at CCN.


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