Monday, September 26, 2005


ONE BIG LINE UP FOR PODCAST2 - Be sure to subsribe, 'its going to be a really big show,' with host Tyion and Mowog filling in for the vacationing Veralun, with special guests, Reverend Vader from the Myst Worlds Forum for the Producer's Cut Interview, and with a special feature column on Mysterium 2005, Deg, and coming back for an encore, Mateus singing Dance Floor (steps to JW's Lake Water Boogie posted on website) and Episode 2 of the Journey of the Called serial, and the JOTC players , Tyion, Mowog, Jean and Zam reciting for the King's Poetry Slam, and News and Weather with L'yssa and reporters Old Man and Drakmyth who are bringing you the latest about MYST V, the MYSTV Celebration, and the D'ni Olympics. Go to the website at and find out how to subscribe or bookmark the page and come back on September 30 at 8:pm or later to download your 2 part edition of PODCAST2.


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