Saturday, September 17, 2005

Planning Podcast2, Finding for Audio Clarity

The first podcast was successful for many reasons, but audio clarity was an issue. There is a full out effort on the part of the editors and talent to make podcast2 something easy to listen to: and as content cool as the first one was. It isn't easy, because when you start looking for perfection, perfection looking gets addictive. You sometimes find yourself never satisfied.

For you listeners, the producers are determined to get the podcast out by deadline no matter what. If its 15 minutes or 45 minutes long, it will go to the feed.

Following find some photos of our recent planning session, and our sneak peek at the planning for another great adventure: the Myst V party, today at 3pmEDT in downtown Ae'gura. Take the tapestry shard/tapestry teamspeak. Put on your dancing shoes for the newest craze, the Lake Water Boogie Line Dance. Find the steps posted everwhere, and hanging on the wall in the foyer of the Cavern Communications Office here: Also Music by Mateus and other folks and fun and more fun. See you there. The Cavern Today will be covering the event Live on Skype. Come by and let us know what you think of UU these days, or Myst V, but make it spoiler free. The skype call can be made to


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