Monday, September 26, 2005


ONE BIG LINE UP FOR PODCAST2 - Be sure to subsribe, 'its going to be a really big show,' with host Tyion and Mowog filling in for the vacationing Veralun, with special guests, Reverend Vader from the Myst Worlds Forum for the Producer's Cut Interview, and with a special feature column on Mysterium 2005, Deg, and coming back for an encore, Mateus singing Dance Floor (steps to JW's Lake Water Boogie posted on website) and Episode 2 of the Journey of the Called serial, and the JOTC players , Tyion, Mowog, Jean and Zam reciting for the King's Poetry Slam, and News and Weather with L'yssa and reporters Old Man and Drakmyth who are bringing you the latest about MYST V, the MYSTV Celebration, and the D'ni Olympics. Go to the website at and find out how to subscribe or bookmark the page and come back on September 30 at 8:pm or later to download your 2 part edition of PODCAST2.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

King's Poetry Slam on Podcast2 -9-30-05

A King's Poetry Slam will entertain listeners during Podcast2. All four stars of the popular serial Journey of the Called, Tyion, Moiety Jean, Zam and Mowog will be reading from the Podium Book in the hood's classroom. The poetry will be set to music by Ghavin, Administrator for the Meeting Place, and Cavern Communications Network Programming Drector. No explorer should miss this one. To get your cast, go to and bookmark the download page, or make it easy on yourself and subscribe through the free itunes or ipodder services.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Myst V Party to be Discussed on Podcast 2.

The Cavern Today will devote a special segment to coverage of the Myst V celebration held in the cavern today. After some technical snafus that sometime plague the UU commmunity -- what they try to do is so extraordinary --the show went on. For a complete wrap up, be sure to catch the podcast distributed on September 30, 2005.

Below you will find a couple of photos to accompany that story. For more information about how to get the podcast, go to

Planning Podcast2, Finding for Audio Clarity

The first podcast was successful for many reasons, but audio clarity was an issue. There is a full out effort on the part of the editors and talent to make podcast2 something easy to listen to: and as content cool as the first one was. It isn't easy, because when you start looking for perfection, perfection looking gets addictive. You sometimes find yourself never satisfied.

For you listeners, the producers are determined to get the podcast out by deadline no matter what. If its 15 minutes or 45 minutes long, it will go to the feed.

Following find some photos of our recent planning session, and our sneak peek at the planning for another great adventure: the Myst V party, today at 3pmEDT in downtown Ae'gura. Take the tapestry shard/tapestry teamspeak. Put on your dancing shoes for the newest craze, the Lake Water Boogie Line Dance. Find the steps posted everwhere, and hanging on the wall in the foyer of the Cavern Communications Office here: Also Music by Mateus and other folks and fun and more fun. See you there. The Cavern Today will be covering the event Live on Skype. Come by and let us know what you think of UU these days, or Myst V, but make it spoiler free. The skype call can be made to

Friday, September 09, 2005

Tyion's Serial, Journey of the Called Included with First Podcast

Technical difficulties and logistics notwithstanding, the much anticipated serial drama, Journey of the Called, an old fashioned and riveting radio program will make it into the first podcast lineup.

At the last minute an edited version was turned into the technical producer for inclusion. What next an academy award type nomination for best radio serial? Could be, just give these actors and writers a chance to perfect their craft.

Subscribe now to with your favorite feeder service or go to for more information about how to download the entire podcast.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Cavern Today is Official!

Our Brand new website is up and running. Bookmark. It is where you will go to get news, information about the casts and the download, if you are not a subscriber.
The address is You can also access our forum from the home page. If you want to make suggestions or add your comments you will need to join, but anyone is welcome to take a looksee.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Getting Ready to "Catch" your "Feed"

We will try to post this primer a couple of times before next Saturday’s first distribution of the podcast, The Cavern Today produced by the international across shard group Cavern Communications Network.

As listeners can imagine CCN is getting excited to see all the work and inspiration becoming a reality. Now we need to let you know how you can "catch" your cast. The first way and best way is to subscribe to a provider like Ipodder or Itunes. Ipodder is a favorite feeder, because it is free and independent. A feeder is geek/web talk for the distribution service. The feeder does not create the podcast or even store it in most cases. The feeder merely sends out the podcast to subscribers who sign up for the feeder service and would like specific radio type programs, called podcasts to be delivered to their desktops while they do something else. It runs in the background, and should not interfere with other activities. When you want to listen to the program, you just click on the program that is already listed in your Ipodder index. That simple.
Ipodder’s instructions for set up are here.

The service is free, but the providers will ask for a donation. Use it awhile and see if you think it is giving you what you need. I find it refreshing they are interested in the future of this technology. The lemon is their logo to designate fresh and cutting edge.

Welcome to the Golden Age of Podcasting

The other service to try is Itunes. Itunes is a free service also. You will not need an Ipod to play your podcast. You can play it on your desktop. It may be too commercial for some of you, but CCN thinks it's just a wonderful easy-to-service that is very portable. You can use an Ipod, or another MP3 player to play the casts, or you can even burn them to cds directly using the Itunes player. The following are highlights of what Itunes says about podcasting.

Radio Is Finally Free

Podcasting is radio your way. Defy programming schedules and listen to whatever you want, whenever you want. Podcasts are radio-style shows — some from major media, others from passionate individuals [or teams like the Cavern Communications Network] delivered over the Internet to your computer. Unlike streaming audio, which requires you to listen in real time, podcasting lets you control how and when you hear [The Cavern Today or other CCN productions].

Cast of Thousands

Until now, searching for podcasts was like scanning for radio stations in a strange city — except you’d be browsing thousands of podcasts in a teeming metropolis called the Internet. And if you wanted to subscribe to a podcast [like the The Cavern Today program] well, you needed additional software to keep everything up to date. There had to be an easier way. Enter iTunes built-in podcast support. Here is the address to click on:
And there are other feeders, dozens most likely that were developed to compete with these two biggie subscriber services. The CCN crew supports this technology, because it is easy to use and deserves our appreciation for what it accomplishes. It will keep cavern explorers updated about cavern information and entertained too.


A few explorers are skeptics or cannot access the feeders for one reason or the other. In that case you can download the cast. This first cast will be almost an hour long, but our producers have decided to separate in at least two parts for a less impact download. In a few days we will be able to give you the download address. Finally, if you still want to preview what you’d be subscribing to get eventually, you can listen to the podcast streamed over teamspeak on September 10th at 3pmEDT and encored on September 18th at 3pm EDT.