Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Podcast1 Being Assembed, Podcast2 Being Plotted, Podcast3 Being Planned

News and Weather anchor L'yssa edits reporting material from first podcast

The Cavern Today's first podcast has gone to the editing room. The initial assembly has begun and will be ready in plenty of time for the 1st distribution. The crew is already working on the second podcast. The second podcast will include information about the D'ni Olympics, an interview with Reverend Vader from the Myst Worlds Forum and a Kings Poetry slam. CCN has sent out personal invitations to forum and guild leaders to send in information about their groups.

Podcast3 is coming right behind Podcast2, and in between a special sports cast being produced for the D'ni Olympics. LIVE on location and recorded in the studio, this sports cast is going be a wonderful way for explorers to get the latest information on winners and not-winners. It is bound to be humorous.


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