Thursday, August 25, 2005

Podcast Publishes First Live Taping Production Schedule

Schedule for Live Taping - Guest Line Up for the
Podcast I.09-10-2005.
Time 2:pmEDT 8-27-05 on the Tapestry Shard. Doug Sharper's Office by Invitation.
Webcam May be available to watch production being recorded, Check back for times to view.
  1. Pre-Recorded Introduction Music and Information
  2. Host's Live UU Chat - Veralun and Tyion
  3. Interview with Guest Greypiffle (GP)
  4. News and Weather with L'yssa
  5. Myst V Update and Myst News from Field Reporter Gadren
  6. Cavern News from Field Reporter Ja'de
  7. Surface Report from Field Reporter Mowog
  8. Live Musician and Vocal Performance by Mateus
  9. Dramatic Presentation, Tyion's Journey of the Called, Performed by UU Explorers.
  10. Panel Interview - Tyion and Veralun, Wrapping Up the 1st UU Anniversary Celebration with guest panelists SuperGram, Ireen and Donohoo.
  11. Pre-Recorded Post Script, Production Credit and Information.

Segments shown above may be recorded in any order. Adjustments to be made on the fly.

There is still time to turn your advertisements into CCN for inclusion in the final edited version of the podcast. The email address is The deadline for submission is 9-3-05. Thank you for your continued support of The Cavern Today.

For a sneak peek at what is coming or to find out how to participate or receive feeds of the podcast, listen to the special presentation recording here. Click on snippet.


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