Monday, August 29, 2005

New Forum for The Cavern Today and CCN Up and Running

If you are following the madcap adventures of the Cavern Communications Network and their project The Cavern Today, you can now find our forum at There you can either lurk around and read the public comments or you can join the forum and participate in the shaping of the cast by making your own comments.

The first podcast is presently being assembled. The expected distribution date is still 9-10-05, and the second podcast is expected to be distributed on the 30th of September. Our new website will be up soon and you will be able to get more information about how to subscribe.

From the editor: This is an unique opportunity to take "game playing" to a whole new level of experience. While the CCN crew hopes to provide some fun and informative entertainment for their fellow explorers, the crew is learning much about podcasting and broadcasting in general.
The added problem and wonder of Until URU makes for a greater learning experience.

  • Sound editing being taught to us by LCC from the H'URU project shard, SteveCrox from the website "Cheese," Donohoo who makes sound effects and Pali64 who provides webcam.
  • And to the promotion and scheduling part of the cast, essjay and SuperGram bring their valuable experience from life on the surface and in the cavern.
  • Reporters L'yssa, Gadren, Ja'de and Mowog bring their voice, sound conversion and writing talent.
  • Veralun and Tyion bring their casual, fun loving personalities and great voices, and Tyion brings his writing and dramatic talents too.
  • Miles who has already provided us with our logo, signature, promo and website administrates the forum with SteveCrox, our producer's help.
  • And SteveCrox who mixes and converts, hands over a whole section of his website to the project, who critically reviews and comes up with new ideas, and who has honest ear, and will be there at the last minute to cut and follow through the distribution.
  • Oh and there is Old Man who will also bring his voice talent to commercial recording and D'Lanor who is expected to help us out technically. This is an all volunteer staff, no one get paid a penny, but everyone works like they were earning something other than D'ni money.
  • Also the support given to us by Ireen and Ivanova, who are just out there us encouraging for no reason than to be kind and helpful.

I can't believe their patience and desire to make it work out. Ruby continues to watch in shock and awe.


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