Sunday, August 21, 2005

How to Get Your Ad Aired

If you are a group leader, guild member, shard administrator, event organizer from the Until URU community you are welcome to send in information about your group to The Cavern Today program. The email address is The ads will run from 10-30 seconds, therefore, the information will need to be concise. The program reserves the right to edit the information you send to compy with these guidelines.

Disclaimer: TCT will air ads it has produced through this process on a first-come, first serve basis. If your ad is still applicable to a future program it will be run again, time permitting. The program takes no responsibility for changes you might want to make to the ad after you mail in the information. Unless you know the exact date and time of your event in advance, you may not want us to air that information, in case you need to revise your schedule later. The program is G-rated, family entertainment, and the commercials will also be G-rated family entertainment. Of course, like everything else about UU, one of the reasons it continues to be the best "game" on the planet.

A typical example of an ad might read: The Guild of the Perplexed, who holds their meetings on Thursday night at 12:00 pm EDT on the Explorer Shard is looking for members who share their interest in trying to find out what life is really all about. If you are interested in checking out one of their meetings or becoming a member of the guild, please contact totallypreplexed, KI#12345560, Explorer Shard or go to the Eventual forum and look under thread, New Groups - for more information.

Or: The Guild of the Perplexed is having a costume party on three shards, Explorer, Wannabe Explorers, and NeverWereExplorers Shards throughout the month of October. Please go to the NeverWere Forum for more information.

Of course, it is not necessary for you to write your information out in this manner. It is necessary for you to include all pertinent details about your advertisement. You must also provide a contact email and KI#(s) so that producers can get a hold of a responsible party for any reason pertaining to the ad run dates, or content. There is no charge for advertising on the program.

I think you get the picture. Since we are across shards - an all groups - guilds podcast, we would like to see UU widely represented on the program. If your event is a major event for the UU community, it may be included in the local news segment, or if we find out that your guild or group is doing something particularly interesting, we could ask you for more information about what you are up to. If you are ever asked to come in for an interview, you will get the questions in advance. Sometimes guests like to answer without rehearsing. In that case you don't have to read the questions first. It is up to you.

Once we get our website up and running, we will be putting up a form for easy submission of information, but until then its email. The address is The first deadline for ad is 8/25/05 which is only a few days away. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ruby O


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