Friday, August 19, 2005

Free Group Advertising and Music Contests

The Cavern Today is a Podcast dedicated to anything and everything Until URU - - the continuing adventure of the entire UU community. If you are a shard administrator - a group, forum, or guild leader, you may want to take advantage of a free advertising opportunity.

Send in your "ad" to for an upcoming event, membership drive, or any relevant item that will enhance your text forum announcement.

Be sure to include the name of your group, your avatar name and KI#. And an address where you can be reached for additional information or clarification. Verification of information will be a must before the ad is pre-recorded by our hosts or reporters. Tell us how long you want the ad to run. Ads may run on more than one program, if the ad is still timely and space allows. All Items are being considered on a first come - first serve basis, and must include all the information mentioned here. Some ads will be edited for time. (10 seconds to 30 seconds). The number of ads per show will also be limited. If your event is also newsworthy, the ad could possibly turn into a news item to be read during the regular news segment.

The ad will run with the information you turn in, so it may be best to include general information if dates are an issue. Our purpose at CCN is to promote UU life in the cavern and every attempt will be made to create a quality audio announcement for your group, but (disclaimer) we will not be held responsible for changing the ad before air date. If time is an issue, it may be better to make your ad less specific when it comes to time.

The Cavern Today is holding two contests for music pieces. Digital musicians are being asked to provide MP3, editable theme music for the show The Cavern Today (a MYST V music cd will be the 1st prize along with much continuing credit)...

and music is also needed for the special serial program being written and presented by one of our hosts, Tyion. If you are interested, please write us at for more information. You will need to sign a public release to allow us to use the music under the condition that you receive continuing credit for your work. No money will paid to you for the piece. The music may be edited for technical and other reasons.


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