Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Cavern Today's First Live Recording Session

Photo 1, Ruby discusses script with Team

Pali, Gadren and Tyion dance to Mat's music

The first live recording of the podcast is officially over. From now on we will probably not meet together in the same way to do segments. It will be much easier to hear, but not as interesting to do. We will probably record through other technologies than teamspeak.

The day went as follows (from Ruby O perspective):
I logged on and talked for awhile with host Veralun, because he has been out of the cavern for at least a week and we needed to catch up. While we talked I played celtic music to put me in the right mood for the day. I was already tired and I wanted a calm atmosphere.

After entering the cavern I noticed that the shard took me to the wrong destination. I was in a relto that was no longer functioning. I logged out and took the event shard, this time to the right destination, but my linking books were not working properly. Pages were missing. Veralun who accompanied me to the cavern decided to help people get to Doug Sharper's office. There we started to hold the recording session, however, the power started to fail when more than 12 persons came into the building located somewhere in the city of Ae'gura.

We took a few photos and played some of the pre-recorded music. Mateus did his musical performance. We dance and enjoyed our time together, and then departed for the pub to record the remaining minutes of the cast.

All in all it went well. Everyone did a great job of working with the technology that we have. The time differences notwithstanding. Even Pali made it and cammed the entire cast. We will have a good first podcast and it will get better every time we do this. The format will need to be filled in, and everyone on the team will know just what to fill in.

The main thing: we got it done, and it will go out soon. The Cavern Today is coming about!


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