Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Podcast1 Being Assembed, Podcast2 Being Plotted, Podcast3 Being Planned

News and Weather anchor L'yssa edits reporting material from first podcast

The Cavern Today's first podcast has gone to the editing room. The initial assembly has begun and will be ready in plenty of time for the 1st distribution. The crew is already working on the second podcast. The second podcast will include information about the D'ni Olympics, an interview with Reverend Vader from the Myst Worlds Forum and a Kings Poetry slam. CCN has sent out personal invitations to forum and guild leaders to send in information about their groups.

Podcast3 is coming right behind Podcast2, and in between a special sports cast being produced for the D'ni Olympics. LIVE on location and recorded in the studio, this sports cast is going be a wonderful way for explorers to get the latest information on winners and not-winners. It is bound to be humorous.

Monday, August 29, 2005

New Forum for The Cavern Today and CCN Up and Running

If you are following the madcap adventures of the Cavern Communications Network and their project The Cavern Today, you can now find our forum at There you can either lurk around and read the public comments or you can join the forum and participate in the shaping of the cast by making your own comments.

The first podcast is presently being assembled. The expected distribution date is still 9-10-05, and the second podcast is expected to be distributed on the 30th of September. Our new website will be up soon and you will be able to get more information about how to subscribe.

From the editor: This is an unique opportunity to take "game playing" to a whole new level of experience. While the CCN crew hopes to provide some fun and informative entertainment for their fellow explorers, the crew is learning much about podcasting and broadcasting in general.
The added problem and wonder of Until URU makes for a greater learning experience.

  • Sound editing being taught to us by LCC from the H'URU project shard, SteveCrox from the website "Cheese," Donohoo who makes sound effects and Pali64 who provides webcam.
  • And to the promotion and scheduling part of the cast, essjay and SuperGram bring their valuable experience from life on the surface and in the cavern.
  • Reporters L'yssa, Gadren, Ja'de and Mowog bring their voice, sound conversion and writing talent.
  • Veralun and Tyion bring their casual, fun loving personalities and great voices, and Tyion brings his writing and dramatic talents too.
  • Miles who has already provided us with our logo, signature, promo and website administrates the forum with SteveCrox, our producer's help.
  • And SteveCrox who mixes and converts, hands over a whole section of his website to the project, who critically reviews and comes up with new ideas, and who has honest ear, and will be there at the last minute to cut and follow through the distribution.
  • Oh and there is Old Man who will also bring his voice talent to commercial recording and D'Lanor who is expected to help us out technically. This is an all volunteer staff, no one get paid a penny, but everyone works like they were earning something other than D'ni money.
  • Also the support given to us by Ireen and Ivanova, who are just out there us encouraging for no reason than to be kind and helpful.

I can't believe their patience and desire to make it work out. Ruby continues to watch in shock and awe.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mateus Headlines Live Podcast Production

Mateus Peforms "Shoot" for cast.

Tyion and Gadren discuss his report on Myst V

Crew Fills Up Sharper's Office - Forced to Move to Larger Venue

The Cavern Today's First Live Recording Session

Photo 1, Ruby discusses script with Team

Pali, Gadren and Tyion dance to Mat's music

The first live recording of the podcast is officially over. From now on we will probably not meet together in the same way to do segments. It will be much easier to hear, but not as interesting to do. We will probably record through other technologies than teamspeak.

The day went as follows (from Ruby O perspective):
I logged on and talked for awhile with host Veralun, because he has been out of the cavern for at least a week and we needed to catch up. While we talked I played celtic music to put me in the right mood for the day. I was already tired and I wanted a calm atmosphere.

After entering the cavern I noticed that the shard took me to the wrong destination. I was in a relto that was no longer functioning. I logged out and took the event shard, this time to the right destination, but my linking books were not working properly. Pages were missing. Veralun who accompanied me to the cavern decided to help people get to Doug Sharper's office. There we started to hold the recording session, however, the power started to fail when more than 12 persons came into the building located somewhere in the city of Ae'gura.

We took a few photos and played some of the pre-recorded music. Mateus did his musical performance. We dance and enjoyed our time together, and then departed for the pub to record the remaining minutes of the cast.

All in all it went well. Everyone did a great job of working with the technology that we have. The time differences notwithstanding. Even Pali made it and cammed the entire cast. We will have a good first podcast and it will get better every time we do this. The format will need to be filled in, and everyone on the team will know just what to fill in.

The main thing: we got it done, and it will go out soon. The Cavern Today is coming about!

Moved to Event Shard _ Ruby still scrubbed on regular shard

oh dearie

TCT LIVE Recording Session Today

Today, live recording session, 2PM EDT. (regular tapestry shard). Doug Sharper's Office. If you are a crew member or guest please pm Ruby O when you arrive in the cavern. She will invite you to her relto. The linking book will be open for you to come to Sharper's old office.
New Forum for Crew's Use. Link & Password available through email. Contact Ruby O'Degee, SteveCrox or Miles.

Friday, August 26, 2005

GP to Interview and Mateus to Sing on Podcast

Special Guests to appear at live recording session of The Cavern Today. Greypiffle from Florida, aka GP, if the hurricane doesn't hinder his appearance, and Mateus, from the UK to perform his music and vocals.

Editor's Note: we are crossing fingers here in Florida, USA. Go away Hurricane Katrina. Power outages not desired. Go, Get oughta here.

Coming Soon New Website and Forum for Comments

Go now to temporary download. Introduction to The Cavern Today, Hosted by Tyion and Music courtesy of LCC from the H'URU project shard. Temporary Download.

WebCam to Cover Closed Live Recording Sessions

Pali64 from Switzerland will webcam our closed live recording sessions. This will make it possible for the whole community to peek into what we are doing without spoiling their hearing of the podcast, fully edited, for the first time. The address to use the webcam is and Thank you Pali 64 for this coverage.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Podcast Publishes First Live Taping Production Schedule

Schedule for Live Taping - Guest Line Up for the
Podcast I.09-10-2005.
Time 2:pmEDT 8-27-05 on the Tapestry Shard. Doug Sharper's Office by Invitation.
Webcam May be available to watch production being recorded, Check back for times to view.
  1. Pre-Recorded Introduction Music and Information
  2. Host's Live UU Chat - Veralun and Tyion
  3. Interview with Guest Greypiffle (GP)
  4. News and Weather with L'yssa
  5. Myst V Update and Myst News from Field Reporter Gadren
  6. Cavern News from Field Reporter Ja'de
  7. Surface Report from Field Reporter Mowog
  8. Live Musician and Vocal Performance by Mateus
  9. Dramatic Presentation, Tyion's Journey of the Called, Performed by UU Explorers.
  10. Panel Interview - Tyion and Veralun, Wrapping Up the 1st UU Anniversary Celebration with guest panelists SuperGram, Ireen and Donohoo.
  11. Pre-Recorded Post Script, Production Credit and Information.

Segments shown above may be recorded in any order. Adjustments to be made on the fly.

There is still time to turn your advertisements into CCN for inclusion in the final edited version of the podcast. The email address is The deadline for submission is 9-3-05. Thank you for your continued support of The Cavern Today.

For a sneak peek at what is coming or to find out how to participate or receive feeds of the podcast, listen to the special presentation recording here. Click on snippet.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Cavern Today - Who Are We?

Good Morning, Noon and Evening, Around the World and Across the Shards It is The Cavern Today, brought to you by Cavern Communications Network, a UU fan presentation, with accompanying blog for photos and email go to Echo2TheCavernToday. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome, however you do ask that you keep them G-rated, because this a family entertainment. Your hosts Tyion and Veralun.
CCN Podcast Production Team
(a UU Fan Presentation)
Tyion. Washington. USA.Writer & Host
Veralun.The Netherlands. Host
L'Yssa.Texas. USA. Desk Reporter & Art Design
Gadren.Kansas.USA. Field Reporter
Ja'de.Massachusetts.USA. Field Reporter
Mowog.Missouri.USA Field Reporter
Old Man. Canada.Reporter
SuperGram.New York. USA.Casting & Scheduling Director
Miles. South Africa. Technical Consultant. Art & Set Design
D'Lanor. The Netherlands. Technical Consultant
Pali64.Switzerland.Webcam Simulcast Director
essjay. Illinois.USA. Promotions Director
Donohoo.South Carolina.USA.Sound Designer
H'URU's LCC. Ohio. USA.Digital Musician & Sound Editor
SteveCrox. UK. Writer, Editorial & Technical Producer
RubyO.Florida. USA. Writer & Editorial Producer
For more information about how you to can take part in cavern life, click here

The Cavern Today on Schedule for First Live Taping

It will be our first milestone this Saturday, the 27th, 2005. We will be doing some live taping in the cavern. A check out of the elevator went smoothly. Guests will come up to the “green room” – then have some cocoa and meet with SuperGram for a brief orientation. After that she will send them linking through the “fish tank” to Doug Sharper’s old office space high up in the city of Ae’gura someplace. Perfect location for a tower. A sound and transmission checks still needs to be made.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Where to Get Your 1st Podcast Special Introduction

The Cavern Today Special Introduction Presentation is now available for pickup at our temporary storage page. Just scroll down the page (cheese) and find the title. Then download it to your desktop.

How to Get Your Ad Aired

If you are a group leader, guild member, shard administrator, event organizer from the Until URU community you are welcome to send in information about your group to The Cavern Today program. The email address is The ads will run from 10-30 seconds, therefore, the information will need to be concise. The program reserves the right to edit the information you send to compy with these guidelines.

Disclaimer: TCT will air ads it has produced through this process on a first-come, first serve basis. If your ad is still applicable to a future program it will be run again, time permitting. The program takes no responsibility for changes you might want to make to the ad after you mail in the information. Unless you know the exact date and time of your event in advance, you may not want us to air that information, in case you need to revise your schedule later. The program is G-rated, family entertainment, and the commercials will also be G-rated family entertainment. Of course, like everything else about UU, one of the reasons it continues to be the best "game" on the planet.

A typical example of an ad might read: The Guild of the Perplexed, who holds their meetings on Thursday night at 12:00 pm EDT on the Explorer Shard is looking for members who share their interest in trying to find out what life is really all about. If you are interested in checking out one of their meetings or becoming a member of the guild, please contact totallypreplexed, KI#12345560, Explorer Shard or go to the Eventual forum and look under thread, New Groups - for more information.

Or: The Guild of the Perplexed is having a costume party on three shards, Explorer, Wannabe Explorers, and NeverWereExplorers Shards throughout the month of October. Please go to the NeverWere Forum for more information.

Of course, it is not necessary for you to write your information out in this manner. It is necessary for you to include all pertinent details about your advertisement. You must also provide a contact email and KI#(s) so that producers can get a hold of a responsible party for any reason pertaining to the ad run dates, or content. There is no charge for advertising on the program.

I think you get the picture. Since we are across shards - an all groups - guilds podcast, we would like to see UU widely represented on the program. If your event is a major event for the UU community, it may be included in the local news segment, or if we find out that your guild or group is doing something particularly interesting, we could ask you for more information about what you are up to. If you are ever asked to come in for an interview, you will get the questions in advance. Sometimes guests like to answer without rehearsing. In that case you don't have to read the questions first. It is up to you.

Once we get our website up and running, we will be putting up a form for easy submission of information, but until then its email. The address is The first deadline for ad is 8/25/05 which is only a few days away. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ruby O

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Audio Welcome to the The Cavern Today

this is an audio post - click to play

Friday, August 19, 2005

Promo taping in our newly "leased" offices in the City

Deadlines and Timelines loom, Host Tyion checks his KI watch.

Host Tyion about to try out the new "news" desk.

Impromptu Staff Meeting to discuss Promotions

Promotions Director - essjay, Editorial Producer - RubyO and Host, Tyion

Free Group Advertising and Music Contests

The Cavern Today is a Podcast dedicated to anything and everything Until URU - - the continuing adventure of the entire UU community. If you are a shard administrator - a group, forum, or guild leader, you may want to take advantage of a free advertising opportunity.

Send in your "ad" to for an upcoming event, membership drive, or any relevant item that will enhance your text forum announcement.

Be sure to include the name of your group, your avatar name and KI#. And an address where you can be reached for additional information or clarification. Verification of information will be a must before the ad is pre-recorded by our hosts or reporters. Tell us how long you want the ad to run. Ads may run on more than one program, if the ad is still timely and space allows. All Items are being considered on a first come - first serve basis, and must include all the information mentioned here. Some ads will be edited for time. (10 seconds to 30 seconds). The number of ads per show will also be limited. If your event is also newsworthy, the ad could possibly turn into a news item to be read during the regular news segment.

The ad will run with the information you turn in, so it may be best to include general information if dates are an issue. Our purpose at CCN is to promote UU life in the cavern and every attempt will be made to create a quality audio announcement for your group, but (disclaimer) we will not be held responsible for changing the ad before air date. If time is an issue, it may be better to make your ad less specific when it comes to time.

The Cavern Today is holding two contests for music pieces. Digital musicians are being asked to provide MP3, editable theme music for the show The Cavern Today (a MYST V music cd will be the 1st prize along with much continuing credit)...

and music is also needed for the special serial program being written and presented by one of our hosts, Tyion. If you are interested, please write us at for more information. You will need to sign a public release to allow us to use the music under the condition that you receive continuing credit for your work. No money will paid to you for the piece. The music may be edited for technical and other reasons.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Cavern Today with our New Logo by Miles

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Cavern Today Promo and Linking Cover